Sweet Potato Brown Cupcakes

Seasonal desserts are things to be cherished because they’re here one day and gone the next.


In Winter, we promote white chocolate like what’s found in our White Bunny, a winterized version of our carrot cake with white chocolate buttercream, and a beautiful White Chocolate Coconut creation. Fall is all about the warm spices like those found in our Sweet Potato and Carrot Cakes, etc. Also, seasonal varieties of regular cakes like our Christmas Booze cake made with red and green cherries for festive enjoyment and our Holiday Celebration Red Velvet Cake. Summer, however, is all about citrus and fresh fruit flavors like our Strawberry Cheer Cake and Blueberry Bonnet.

Also, seasonal cheesecakes can be found on our menu. Red Velvet Cheesecake is only available in the winter. Limoncello cheesecake is only available in the Spring and Summer. Look at our specials to find some wonderful seasonal Pedestal favorites.

Thanksgiving is a holiday about family, friends and food. Sharing a great meal with family and friends is a cherished tradition. As you enjoy this tasty time of year, we have some suggestions to sweeten up your Thanksgiving Feast no matter the crowd or the cuisine. Don’t forget! Don’t wait until the last minute. Place your order by 4:30 PM on Monday, November 24, to have your order by Thanksgiving.

Below are some of our seasonal favorites for the 2019 Thanksgiving Feast. Sweet potato is definitely one of our favorite seasonal ingredients around here. This year, we’ve added another sweet potato creation available in both cake and cupcakes. As you might guess, our sweet potato products seem to be a big hit this time of the year. We’ve added a new flavor to the mix just in time for Thanksgiving, Try our Sweet Potato Pecan Baby! (said in your best Austin Powers voice). Don’t forget about our bundt cakes and cobblers making their first holiday appearances.

Sweet Potato Brown Cake $45
Sweet potato is definitely one of our favorite seasonal ingredients around here. This 3-layer creation will remind you of how delicious fall and winter can be with our sweet potato cake and brown sugar cream cheese frosting combining to provide a depth and warmth that reminds us of home and family. Of course, we sprinkle on raw turbinado sugar to add some texture and sparkle. Yes, we know it’s a bit non-traditional but we promise you won’t miss the pie.

Sweet Potato Pecan Baby! Cake $50 (not available in 6″)
Sweet Potato Cake layers, brown sugar cream cheese frosting, pecan filling and candied pecan pieces will have your sweet tooth moving in overdrive. Sweetie Pie will remind you of your favorite Sweet Potato Pie and your favorite Pecan Pie layered on top of each other with a nice kick of bourbon. It will have you dreaming of the South and shaking your head mmmm mmmm mmm. Sweet, crunchy, delicious and a little boozy. This warm spiced cake will definitely fill your head and mouth with some wonderful sweet dreams of your next bite.

Sweetie Pie Cake $40
Clearly an inspired creation, this 3-layer sweet potato delight is baked with fantastic warm autumn spices and filled with white cloud (marshmallow) frosting. Each bite of our moist cake has the perfect combination of sweet sweet potato, well-rounded flavors from the spices, sweet finish of marshmallow frosting that we dusted with crumbled Maria cookies for that official pie crunch and feel. We know it sounds like more of the same but we promise this one tastes good enough to rival that of its inspiration.

Lemon Cloud Cake $60
Lemon Cloud combines lemon cake with white cloud frosting for this lemon and marshmallow flavored favorite. Our version adds lemon curd to the mix with three alternating layers of cake, curd and white cloud frosting. The cake delivers a nice gentle kiss of lemon while the sweet velvety curd adds that wonderful lemon punch we know and love. White Cloud frosting mellows the whole thing out with a nice familiar sweetness from our childhood. Memories of yesterday pump this dessert up as we found a way to deliver more lemon and more smiles.

Classic Red Velvet $50
Our traditional offering of Red Velvet Cake is our homage to those that came before us. This 3-layer red creation starts with our house recipe red velvet cake, of course. Each bite has the perfect kiss of cocoa to tease your palette and set your taste buds on a wonderful journey through this buttermilk cake adventure. We whip up a batch of our tangy cream cheese frosting to put inside and out to keep them classic. Steeped in tradition and flavor, this combination is definitely a crowd favorite. Each bite is its own reward. Addiction kicks in after the third bite. You’ve been warned.

Parrot Cake $60 (Hawaiian Carrot Cake)
We want you to think exotic and tropical when you taste this cake like being in Hawaii escaping a stressful day and sitting on the North shore watching the surfers and taking a bite of that landscape. That’s right. It tastes like carrot cake with little bursts of pineapple and coconut where the waves come in like coconut cream cheese frosting adding its specific sweetness to your enjoyment. Our Carrot Cake is one of our best sellers but we realize that some rather taste roads less traveled and more exotic. Chunks of pineapple adorn this beauty along with a generous coating of shredded coconut. Imagine three layers of delicious carrot cake with pineapple replacing the raisins and macadamia replacing the walnuts. So, sit back and kick off your sandals because our Parrot Cake will relax you and have you hanging loose.

Toasted Parrot Cake $65
You first notice the roasted pineapple and macadamia nuts on top of this beauty then the toasted coconut all around covering the sides. Inside are three layers of our wonderful carrot cake filled with pineapple and toasted macadamia nuts instead of raisins and walnut. Now, we want you to think exotic and tropical like having an Hawaiian adventure involving pirates and parrots. It tastes like carrot cake with little bursts of pineapple and coconut just like you’d imagine it would be in Hawaii. The cake may be toasted because of the coconut but you will be a little toasted because of the coconut rum in the frosting (courtesy of the pirates). Okay. It’s not that much rum but it is overproof. The only thing you have to ask yourself is “Polly want some cake?”

Lemon Bundt $35
Lemon Pound Cake is a throwback to simpler times. You know when you were hand-fed by your momma, when you opened your mouth and got what you wanted, when grandma always had sweets around the house… I digress. At a glance, those little flecks of fresh lemon zest provide all the proof this is something special but that first bite will cause your eyes to close as the flavor of fresh lemon overtakes your tastebuds followed by the buttery goodness that grabs your attention then kisses you with a slight floral hint of Tahitian Vanilla we throw in. Lemon is a flavor full of possibility. Sweet, tart, tangy, bright and makes you want to kiss somebody. Hopefully, the baker.

Rum Bundt $40 (available overproof for those that like it strong)
Inspired by my travels to the Caribbean, our Rum Cake will have you planning your next vacation once you get a taste of this very moist, rich and scrumptious rummy cake. Buttery swells will assault your senses followed by a fantastic punch of rum imported from the Caribbean with a vanilla finish from the Mexican vanilla giving each bite its spicy undertones. Made from the finest and freshest ingredients, this rum cake will take you to the shores of a tropical paradise when you close your eyes and after a few bites you might even find that you have an accent!

Lychee Rum Cake     Bundt ($45) / Mini-Bundt ($25)
Just the mention of rum has some people fanning themselves. Add in the idea of lychee and their ready to faint. We don’t wish anyone harm but this special rum cake has its own shape and unique flavor profile. Imagine that sweet taste of lychee with its pear notes soaked in rum. That’s right the whole lychees that adorn this cake were soaked overnight for nice burst of lychee and rum flavors. The cake is moist, sweet and rummy. This is the perfect fruit combination for rum due to its smokiness with the creaminess of lychee, Now, I’m fanning myself. Just make sure you’re sitting down when you eat this one. Not looking forward to any frivolous lawsuits because it was so good. You done passed out.

Lychee Cheesecake $50
Lychee is a sweet and wonderful fruit of the Caribbean and Asia. If you like lychee, this will definitely fill any craving you may have. The delicate cheesecake with its slight lychee flavor delivers smooth, rich and creamy deliciousness in the style of New York’s finest. Noticeably lychee in flavor, this dessert has flavor that builds from all of the lychee inside bursting bite after bite. For this one, we pair the cheesecake with a classic ginger crust as the perfect partner. Between the unctuous cheese cake texture, lychee and ginger, your senses will be under attack from this fruit-filled dessert providing plenty of mmmm and ahhhh moments. You’re guaranteed to lick the fork clean on this one. No comment on the plate.

Rum Lychee Cheesecake $60
Uncommonly good is how we describe this cheesecake with its butter rum cake base and ginger crust. If you like lychee, this will definitely fill any cravings you may have. Smooth, rich and creamy, in the style of New York’s finest, we build this one with plenty of lychee inside paired with a classic ginger partner. First, you’ll get a slight kick from the rummy rich cheesecake followed by bursts of lychee that attack your senses accompanied by the occasional ginger from the crumble on top down to the buttery smoothness of that crust will take you down. This fruit-filled dessert has plenty of punch and spice but it will be the lychee you remember.


Pies have finally made it to our menu just in time for the summer. Fresh fruits are abound in our wonderful summer offerings like Pineapple Pie, Bruised Blueberry Pie, Key Lime Crème Pie, Peach Cobbler and more. Our menu is always driven by what’s in season and what’s the freshest.

Here are our seasonal pie recommendations for the fall:

Peach Cobbler $45
Before we start the debate, this one only has a top crust. Don’t worry. It still has nice tender dumplings in it because we know you like crust. This beast of a cobbler is full of peaches. That’s right – tender and juicy peaches seasoned with cinnamon and other warm spices to make your summer explode and a splash of lemon juice to perk things up. Now we can debate… we use pie crust for our cobblers and know that it’s a preference. Hey so is all the extra butter we put in this one pan. Don’t hear any complaints now. Whether you like pie crust or the other one… whether you like top and bottom crust… we know you have your favorites. All we can guarantee is that the way we make our peach cobbler will have you wanting more.

Key Lime Crème Pie $35
We needed a way to break away from the pack on this one. While we start with the traditional key lime pie ingredients like fresh Key West key limes, sweetened evaporated milk, egg yolks, and a graham cracker crust like everybody else, that is where the similarity ends. If nothing else, we are consistent about being inconsistent because we whipped this one a bit longer than usual for a more creamy and frothy pie base. Our differences don’t stop there, of course, because we topped our pie with key lime mascarpone cream topping and key lime zest. You know we want to make sure that you know it’s key lime even though we’ve got creamy coming at you from both directions in our phenomenal take on this classic dessert. Don’t forget about our graham cracker crust which is super buttery because we know after that first tart bite, it has to be smooth going down.


Similar to our cakes and pies, seasonal cupcakes are abound on our menu. Órale Santa, introduced last Christmas, is one of our Christmas favorites designed like a holiday cocktail spiked with vodka, schnapps, tequila and the flavors of cinnamon and blueberry. Booze is abound with many of Pedestal seasonal flavors like Coquito, the quintessential Puerto Rican Christmas beverage, and RedRum RedRum, our red velvet cake spiked with coconut rum for the holidays.


Here are our seasonal cupcake recommendations for the fall:

Sweetie Pie Cupcakes $33 (dz or 2 dz mini)
Clearly an inspired creation, this cupcake wonder starts with our sweet potato cake baked with fantastic warm autumn spices. Top this little darling with some cinnamon cream cheese frosting and sprinkle graham cracker crumble on top. Each bite of our moist cupcake contains perfectly well-rounded flavors from the sweet potato to the spices and cream cheese frosting to rival that of its inspiration. Sweet, smoky and perfect for any occasion. Close your eyes and you just might forget, it ain’t no pie!

Before you ask, every cupcake is appropriate for fall. Yummm!

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