Tipsy Turvy!

tipsy turvy!

Tipsy Turvy! is still one of our best selling cupcakes. Red wine and chocolate is a classic combination and attracts many to its flavorful shores.

Tipsy Turvy! Top

This cupcake is a flavor winner. Tipsy Turvy! has a light mascarpone frosting that is the perfect compliment to the red wine chocolate cake with that hint of Tahitian Vanilla and vanilla rum that adds to the kick of the red wine in the chocolate. The hibiscus-yuzu sauce accentuates the tannin in the red wine for an unforgettable experience.

Twisted Yet Flavorful

The whole concept of this cupcake is twisted idea of what something fun would taste like. Our original version of this cupcake is phenomenal but sometimes you want less alcohol taste, we do the frosting without the rum and leave off the hibiscus-yuzu drizzle. We want you to enjoy this cupcake so their are three variations to choose from depending on your tastes.


Tipsy Turvy! (The Original)

Few things are as loved as red wine and chocolate. So, we paired them together to add a particular sweetness to the cocoa goodness of our spectacular cupcake. Warm earthy notes are suggested from the dark brown sugar and cinnamon we add but we push the envelope by exciting your taste buds with some rum-infused exotic Tahitian Vanilla mascarpone frosting. We don’t stop there because we want you to go crazy. So, we drizzle on some hibiscus-yuzu syrup at the end to make your head spin from how delicious this cupcake is and makes you feel…Tipsy Turvy!

Tipsy Turvy! Service

Red Wine Chocolate Celebration ( No Hibiscus-Yuzu Drizzle)

Raise a glass. Toast. Cheer. Red wine goes well with many things but here we’ve paired it with chocolate. It adds a particular sweetness to the cocoa goodness of our cupcake. This one is made with brown sugar and cinnamon for a special warm earthy flavor that always brings us home. So, forget the glass. Raise your plate. Cheer to the deliciousness at the end of your fork because we top this one with our exotic Tahitian Vanilla rum mascarpone frosting. This cupcake is about celebration, in case you forgot.

Sorrel Dreams ( No Rum)

Red wine tastes like celebration and adds a unique sweetness to cocoa goodness that make this cupcake spectacular while brown sugar and cinnamon bring out the smokiness. Our red wine and chocolate cupcake combines two of the world’s favorite flavors in one bite then we top it with our exotic and floral Tahitian Vanilla mascarpone frosting for a light creaminess that won’t overpower and drizzle on some hibiscus-yuzu sauce because we want you to savor each bite and dream of the next.