it’s a boy

Yes. It’s a boy was the only direction we were given for this special event. Coworkers got to share these cupcakes thanks to the mother-to-be. No gender reveal but we’re waiting to be called on one of those.

The Affair

Surprise affair for one of their own. She got lunch and some Pedestal cupcakes.


The Dessert

Milla-Vanilla Cupcakes

Our version of a triple vanilla cupcake combines three types of vanilla by way of extracts and vanilla beans to ensure your taste buds dance. We start with our Vanilla-Vanilla (double vanilla) cupcake which has both Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla and Tahitian Vanilla for exquisite taste and lingering flavor then top that moist cake with American-style Vanilla Bean buttercream made with Mexican Vanilla and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans to seal the vanilla deal. Sure it tastes like a million vanillas but now you know. We only use three in these intensely vanilla little treasures.