happy birthday wendy

It was a ladies night out and they wanted to have fun. This cocktail-inspired collection was served up for the group. From top to bottom, the party got started with our Snicker-Oh-No-He-Didnt-Doodle Cupcake infused with Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey followed by our Tipsy Turvy! Cupcake with a red wine chocolate cake base and vanilla rum mascarpone frosting and, finally, our homage to the late great Billie Holiday, our Lady Sings The Blues Cupcake with a blueberry vodka cupcake and a vodka blueberry frosting. Mmmmm.

The Affair

This is what happens with 8 close friends get together to celebrate.

The Dessert

Snicker-Oh-No-He-Didnt-Doodle Cupcake

Snickerdoodle is a cherished winter cookie and to honor that tradition, we’ve created our twisted rendition to start a new tradition. Starting with a snickerdoodle cupcake flavored with sugar and cinnamon, we provide an explosion of cinnamon schnapps by way of the pastry cream we’ve filled it with. If that isn’t decadent enough, we top this bad boy with Fireball Whiskey-infused Brown Sugar Cinnamon Buttercream. Cinnamon-cubed is a great way to describe this wonderful treat. Sugar and cinnamon already have warm and sweet notes perfect for the holidays but when we add the schnapps and Fireball, you’ll be saying “oh no he didn’t” but trust me you’ll know he did.

Tipsy Turvy! Cupcake

Few things are as loved as red wine and chocolate. So, we paired them together to add a particular sweetness to the cocoa goodness of our spectacular cupcake. Warm earthy notes are suggested from the dark brown sugar and cinnamon we add but we push the envelope by exciting your taste buds with some rum-infused exotic Tahitian Vanilla mascarpone frosting. We don’t stop there because we want you to go crazy. So, we drizzle on some hibiscus-yuzu syrup at the end to make your head spin from how delicious this cupcake is and makes you feel…Tipsy Turvy!

Lady Sings The Blues Cupcake

Lady Sings The Blues is the title of a movie about a jazz singer that has a problem with alcohol. Well, as you might guess, this cupcake is made with alcohol, blueberry vodka to be specific, inside and out of the cupcake. Vodka is clean tasting and almost undetectable when you bake with it but you will know it’s in these cupcakes. The blueberry vodka cupcake is spectacular with its after dinner cocktail smokiness while the vodka blueberry buttercream is refreshing because of the fresh blueberries in the buttercream. Of course, we had to add some vodka-soaked blueberries atop these gems for that extra burst of vodka goodness that will hopefully make you sing.