Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is another of our best sellers. While our ABO Carrot Cakes seems to get most of the attention, the classic is still a crowd pleaser. Most people buy carrot cake in the fall and winter but it’s always summer around here. Even with its fall flavors, people in the South will enjoy a slice whenever they can. Don’t worry. We’ve got several variations to keep you eating our carrot cake all year long. Hmmm! We’ll be waiting for your next order.

Try our special variations of this classic cake. We promise. We have a dessert that fits every tastebud.

Classic Carrot Cake ($45)
Classic desserts are one of the many reasons we love baked goods so much. Not only is it a classic but it’s also a best seller. For this one, we bake up 3 layers of our deliciously moist carrot cake full of raisins, walnuts, our own blend of spices, and, of course, lots of carrots. To keep with its classic roots, we dress it up in our tangy cream cheese frosting. This classic Southern cake is very popular at Christmas but definitely wonderful all year long.

ABO Carrot Cake ($50)
A best seller, our Carrot Cake will have you rethinking every other carrot cake you have enjoyed. Our baker gives this American favorite some special love and tender care because this 3-layer cake is Anything But Ordinary (ABO) with our signature brown butter cream cheese frosting. Carrots, walnuts, golden raisins and all that extra love that is thrown into this classic spice cake comes through in each bite to make it slap your mama good! Oh no. “You gonna forget she sitting at the table” good. Guaranteed crowd-pleaser, this little piece of heaven classifies as food porn.

Hawaiian Parrot Cake ($60)
We want you to think exotic and tropical when you taste this cake like being in Hawaii escaping a stressful day and sitting on the North shore watching the surfers and taking a bite of that landscape. That’s right. It tastes like carrot cake with little bursts of pineapple and coconut where the waves come in like coconut cream cheese frosting adding its specific sweetness to your enjoyment. Our Carrot Cake is one of our best sellers but we realize that some rather taste roads less traveled and more exotic. Chunks of pineapple adorn this beauty along with a generous coating of shredded coconut. Imagine three layers of delicious carrot cake with pineapple replacing the raisins and macadamia replacing the walnuts. So, sit back and kick off your sandals because our Parrot Cake will relax you and have you hanging loose.

Toasted Parrot Cake ($65)
You first notice the roasted pineapple and macadamia nuts on top of this beauty then the toasted coconut all around covering the sides. Inside are three layers of our wonderful carrot cake filled with pineapple and toasted macadamia nuts instead of raisins and walnut. Now, we want you to think exotic and tropical like having an Hawaiian adventure involving pirates and parrots. It tastes like carrot cake with little bursts of pineapple and coconut just like you’d imagine it would be in Hawaii. The cake may be toasted because of the coconut but you will be a little toasted because of the coconut rum in the frosting (courtesy of the pirates). Okay. It’s not that much rum but it is overproof. The only thing you have to ask yourself is “Polly want some cake?”

Pedestal Carrot Cake ($45)
with raspberries and pink raspberry buttercream cheese frosting

Red Rabbit ($50)
with single layer of red velvet in the middle and brown sugar cream cheese frosting

White Rabbit ($50)
with white chocolate buttercream frosting

Spring Bunny ($55) aka Carrot Cake Decadence
with lemon mascarpone frosting

Pink Peppercorn Carrot Cake ($55) (available vegan – $75)
with pistachios and pink peppercorn cream cheese frosting