Hummingbird Cake is a wondrous cake creation common in the Southern United States though its history is in question. Its American origin story has this classic creation billed as a banana-pineapple spice cake with pecans. Its Jamaican origin story bills it as a spice cake made with bananas and pineapples. Either way this cake is delicious.

Hummingbird or Doctor Bird is the national bird of Jamaica where Jamaican bakers gave it its name. Regardless of where you’re from, this cake is absolutely delicious and, according to Wikipedia, has been a tradition in Southern cuisine since the mid-19th century.

Try our special variations of this classic cake. We promise. We have a dessert that fits every taste bud.

Pedestal Hummingbird Cake

This southern classic cinnamon-spice cake is baked with banana, pineapple and pecans to offer up some interesting and delicious bites to excite your taste buds and is one of our biggest sellers. A sweet and playful treat that is a definite crowd-pleaser, this 3-layer dessert will have you jumping for joy on the delicious journey called Hummingbird Cake. To make it ours, this fruit and nut wonderland is both filled and topped with our own hummingbird frosting (orange pecan cream cheese) to make it extra special.


Classic Hummingbird Cake

This classic creation is a southern favorite. True to the original, this cinnamon-spiced concoction starts with three layers of our house version of this banana, pineapple and pecan-ladened deliciousness called Hummingbird. We then coat it in our decadent tangy cream cheese frosting and adorn it with pecan halves. Guaranteed to remind you of those delicious childhood bites, it is traditional in every sense of the word but we promise. The taste and design are all ours.


Coconut Hummingbird Cake

We love to mix things up so we take two of our biggest sellers, Hummingbird and Coconut Swirl and throw them together in our tropical version of this classic southern cake. In a nod to it’s Jamaican origin story, we dress this cinnamon-spiced, fruit filled cake in coconut rum cream cheese frosting and grated coconut. We’ve given this classic a Caribbean facelift and flavor profile soon to be a Miami favorite. And, the overproof coconut rum doesn’t hurt.