our products

Our products include delicious, unique and re-imagined creations but offers some classic desserts, as well, to fill all cravings. Pedestal prides itself on our products because of our flavors, tastes, creativity and imagination.

Twisted Concoctions

Our twisted concoctions are some of our best remembered and best selling Pedestal products. With creations like the mouthwatering coconut extravaganza of our Blue Coconut Bomb, we endeavor to provide extreme desserts to satisfy your craving for sweets. Our unique Beet You Silly Until You See Stars Cake (pictured) is a flavor combination of citrus-infused spice cake covered in our beet cream cheese frosting and candied starfruit. Yum. We have also re-imagined Red Velvet several ways but our best selling are our Cayenne Blush, an interesting twist on Red Velvet in the square with a spicy cayenne kick and our ABO Red Velvet made with mascarpone cream cheese frosting and a hint of coffee liqueur for a slightly less sweet option to regular cream cheese frosting. Pedestal products are always fun and delicious.

Classic Desserts

Of course, we never forget to pay homage to the classics like our best selling traditional desserts including Carrot Cake, Hummingbird Cake, and, of course, what bakery in the South would not include a classic and ever sinful Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting. Most of our classic creations have classic in front of the name to make them easy to order. Exceptions to this rule is our Coconut Blush, which is our version of Coconut Buttercream Cake and our Coconut Swirl, a phenomenal Coconut Cream Cheese Cake with the most light and airy coconut filling.

Cupcake Obsession

TiipsyTurvy20140827 Don’t forget our cupcakes. While most cake flavors are available in cupcake form, we keep the two dessert lines separate to inspire consumption of all our baked goods. We strive to provide delicious choices, fantastic imaginings and creations to tempt and tantalize you with several unique cupcake flavors. For example, take our best selling Tipsy Turvy! Cupcake made with red wine chocolate cupcake, vanilla rum mascarpone frosting and hibiscus-yuzu drizzle. Let that sink in for a moment. Another wonderful cupcake flavor worthy obsession is our Banana Dip Cupcake. It will remind you of the best banana dipped in chocolate you have ever enjoyed. It starts with a banana cupcake topped with chocolate ganache then brown butter cream cheese frosting. Of course, classic flavors are also available.

Pie Pirates

In case you missed the memo, we started selling pies late in 2018. We’ve had a few runaway items like our Pineapple Summer Pie, our chocolate Silk Pie and our Peach Cobbler. Did we mention that we use some of the freshest and tastiest ingredients? Our mango products tend to pick up new followers because we pick them from our own tree when in season. Fresh is best when you taste it in one of our creations like our Mango Peachango Pie where the old South meets the new Miami. We offer a variety of crusts, fillings and flavor combinations. Don’t forget about pie when you’re having a sweets craving.

Organic Products

Our menu is eclectic and special. You will find some of your favorite Southern Sweets and some new Miami favorites. All of products are available prepared with ALL organic ingredients. Please be aware that the label organic has no reference to health benefits, weight control or allergens. Organic only specifies that the product will be produced with ingredients that are labeled as organic which are typically GMO, insecticide and anti-bacterial free. Pedestal only uses organic cage-free eggs, organic milk and other dairy as well as fresh fruits and most frozen. This is our choice for consistency in quality and ingredient sourcing. At your request, we can and will bake your desserts using all organic ingredients. All of our products are available full organic for those keeping to an all organic diet.

Gluten-Free Products

Our menu includes several gluten-free items as we have many customers with gluten-free diets. You need to be aware that if you have gluten allergies, our facilities are not gluten-free at the moment. We make every effort to produce gluten-free items. As we prepare in small batch, gluten-free products are produced before gluten-based products to minimize contamination. Thus, it happens in  a clean kitchen. However, if you have any concerns, we recommend not consuming out products to avoid any health risks or complications.

Keto-Friendly Products

Our menu is not keto-friendly. The ketogenic or keto diet emphasizes weight loss through fat-burning. According to keto proponents, by slashing the carbs you consume and instead filling up on fats, you safely enter a state of ketosis. That’s when the body breaks down both dietary and stored body fat into substances called ketones. Your fat-burning system now relies mainly on fat – instead of sugar – for energy. While we have been creating more keto-friendly items for our menus, please inquire about an item you would like to be prepared as keto-friendly. As our keto customers grow, so will our selections.