aquamina wedding

Kim and Chan got married on 7/7/14. Pedestal was fortunate enough to provide the cake for the intimate affair, Aquamina Wedding, thanks to a delicious performance at the bridal shower.

July 7, 2014 – Aquamina Wedding (cake and cupcake affair)

There were just over 50 guests and the bride wanted a self serve affair. So, we designed a cupcake wedding around the couples color theme of blue, silver and white. With their ties to the Caribbean, only our signature Blue Coconut Bomb Cake would do.


The Affair

Our design, a coconut cake adorned with silver dragees, is simple yet elegant as to not distract from the cake topper. Let’s focus on the cake topper for a moment. They look exactly like the bride and groom. We were given free reign to choose the topper with no guidance on wedding style. We had not seen the bride’s dress nor the groom’s suit. Quite coincidentally, we got everything right except the bride’s hair style. She wore her hair down. Still… Score!


Mr & Mrs Aquamina

The wedding cake was for the wedding party while cupcakes were for the other wedding guests. The bride mentioned that some people wanted cream cheese frosting, a classic pairing with coconut. We mixed up the frostings for variety and surprise. Finally, at the top of the tower is a 6″ Anniversary Cake for the bride and groom which I know they enjoyed at a first anniversary party (because I provided a second cake for all the guests).

The Desserts

Blue Coconut Bomb Cake

This original creation is a coconut explosion all the way. Our take on a childhood favorite starts with 4 layers of moist, delicious blue coconut cake (because that’s the way we remember it) filled with our phenomenal coconut rum-coconut custard (because that’s the way we like it) for intensity. Cover the cake in coconut buttercream then adorn the sides with blue coconut and top the cake with toasted coconut because… that’s the way we love it. Coconut more than 5 ways! Is your mouth watering yet? Boom!