Pedestal bakes some of the best cobblers in Miami. Cobblers like our own Peach Cobbler and our Miami-ized version Mango-Peach Cobbler are staples around here. Crazy. I know. We know. It’s all about the crust and juicy sweet fruits when it comes to cobblers. Ha ha! We’ve got your number or flavor or two.

pick a flavor – we’ll match it and raise you one better
(smaller sizes coming soon)

peach – pineapple – apple mango – blueberry – coconut – mixed berry

Peach Cobbler       $35
Before we start the debate, this one only has a top crust. Don’t worry. It still has nice tender dumplings in it because we know you like crust. This beast of a cobbler is full of peaches. That’s right – sweet, tender and juicy peaches seasoned with cinnamon and other warm spices to make your summer explode and a splash of lemon juice to perk things up. Now we can debate… we use pie crust for our cobblers and know that it’s a preference. Hey, so is all the extra butter we put in this one pan. Don’t hear any complaints now. Whether you like pie crust or the other one… whether you like top and bottom crust… we know you have your favorites. All we can guarantee is that the way we make our peach cobbler will have you wanting more.

Pineapple Cobbler      $35
The sun is shining and you can feel the heat. Someone put a slice of pie down in front of you. It’s not until you realize that it’s our Pineapple Pie that your curiosity gets the best of you. You notice the pineapple tidbits sitting atop our vanilla-infused whipped topping which brings you in. So you cut into it to find nice creamy fruit-filled pineapple custard filled into a cracker crust. However, it’s not until your first bite do you realize that isn’t any ordinary crust. It is so cinnamon forward and how wonderful that spice plays with the citrus notes of the pineapple. As if in disbelief, you rush to take a second bite only to confirm your suspicions. This pie was made with magic. Vanilla inherently boosts the flavor of pineapple emphasizing the tropical nature of such a wonderful fruit. That paired with the citrus notes bring the twang to this sweet and tangy dessert made explicitly for the pineapple heads out thereā€¦ like you.

Mango Cobbler      $35

Mango-Peach Cobbler      $40

Mango-Coconut Cobbler      $40