dance party

Another fun time. A parent loves her daughter so much that she takes some Pedestal cupcakes to her dance recital to celebrate her daughter’s birthday with her dance pals.


Double Vanilla cupcakes decorated to the nines for this fourteen year old dancer.

The Affair


She knows how to celebrate and so does her dance team.


The Dessert

Several delicious designs to keep them smiling and delivering deep rich vanilla flavor.

Vanilla-Vanilla Cupcakes

Our version of a double double vanilla cupcake has amped up vanilla flavor. Vanilla is the only star and we highlight that fact in this exquisite cupcake by combining our Vanilla-Vanilla (double vanilla) cupcake which has both Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla and Tahitian Vanilla for an exotic vanilla taste and lingering flavor with a phenomenal double strength Madagascar Bourbon American-style buttercream on top. Double Double Vanilla-Vanilla should be the name because vanilla is in the name twice. Buckle up because with each bite you will ride the vanilla wave and smile twice.