Strawberry Cheer

Strawberry Cheer Cake

Strawberry Cheer Cake is only made with fresh strawberries as such is only available in strawberry season to ensure we have the freshest and sweetest strawberries of the year.

Let your imagination run free and wild with this take on a classic strawberry and champagne mash up. This twist up is not grandma’s strawberry cake but it will take you back to old time flavors with three layers of classic sweet and tangy fresh strawberry cake of your childhood that we fill with a luscious champagne custard to remind us we are adults and celebrating life. Cover all that in a Vanilla Mascarpone frosting flavored with Tahitian Vanilla for an extra special floral note to pair well with the roasted strawberries on top of this cake. To finish this exotic rendition, we sprinkle the top of the cake with pink Himalayan crystal salt to help intensify the experience. Our Strawberry Cheer Cake is a nice slice of adulthood with just enough of our childhood to keep us happy and wanting more.

Strawberry Cheer Cake 8″ ($55)

Limited availability: February-August (Spring and Summer)

Fresh Strawberry Cake Ingredients: flour, fresh organic strawberries, sugar, butter, organic milk, baking powder, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract, organic eggs, pink Himalayan crystal salt

Frosting Ingredients: cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, organic heavy cream, sugar, vanilla extract, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract, Tahitian vanilla extract

Filling ingredients: organic half & half, sugar, prosecco, butter, cornstarch, clear vanilla extract, salt, organic eggs

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