Red Velvet

The best red velvet cake in Miami can be found at Pedestal Creative Dessert co. Few cakes inspire awe and wonder as a Red Velvet Cake. Even fewer inspire such strong cravings as a moist slice of this red-colored delicate cake with its hint of cocoa. No. It’s not made for the chocolate lover but it does spawn such fantasies because of the tease it provides. This Southern buttermilk cake is a classic in its own right but we like to play. So check out some of our variations and special flavors to inspire a new generation of taste buds.

Our customers know that we have the best red velvet cake in Miami. However, it might depend on who you talk to on which one of our cakes is their favorite. Some like traditional red velvet and cream cheese frosting while others like our ABO (Anything But Ordinary) version of this cake with mascarpone cream cheese frosting and a hint of coffee liqueur. Regardless on your tastes, we have a red velvet cake for you.

Check out your options.

Classic Red Velvet Cake

Classic Red Velvet CakeOur traditional offering of Red Velvet Cake is our homage to those that came before us. This 3-layer red creation starts with our house recipe red velvet cake, of course. Each bite has the perfect kiss of cocoa to tease your palette and set your taste buds on a wonderful journey through this buttermilk cake adventure. We whip up a batch of our tangy cream cheese frosting to put inside and out to keep them classic. Steeped in tradition and flavor, this combination is definitely a crowd favorite. Each bite is its own reward. Addiction kicks in after the third bite. You’ve been warned. This might be the best red velvet cake in Miami.

ABO Red Velvet Cake

Only a few of our creations get classified as ABO or Anything But Ordinary. This best seller, our house version of Red Velvet Cake, is a crave worthy 4-layer creation. It starts with our house recipe Red Velvet, buttermilk cake with the perfect kiss of cocoa, and we make it extra special by moistening each layer with a coffee-liqueur to accentuate the wonderful edge of this dessert and amp up the excitement of each bite. Finally, we cover the whole thing with our signature Mascarpone Cream Cheese Frosting, an extra smooth, velvety, less sweet delight for a change from the ordinary. Your eyes will roll to the back of your head by the third bite. This is not yo’ mamma’s Red Velvet Cake. No disrespect to mamma. We are sure hers is good but you might be sneaking out later to get some of ours. This is the best red velvet cake in Miami… period.

Pedestal Red Velvet Cake

Our house version of Red Velvet Cake is like many of our others, pink. By now, you know we like to mix things up and this creation is no different. Take three layers of our house recipe red velvet cake with its kiss of cocoa and pair it with, a favored chocolate companion, raspberry by way of our pink raspberry buttercream. This red and pink cake is divine as each bite reminds you of a raspberry-chocolate truffle but the smooth buttercream will leave you craving more.

Red Velvet Coconut Love Cake

Red Velvet Coconut Love CakeOur sensational blend of two of our favorite classic cakes, Red Velvet and Coconut Cream Cheese. This 3-layer creation starts with our house recipe red velvet cake that has the perfect kiss of cocoa to tease your palette and give some interesting twang to this buttermilk cake. As if this flavor journey wasn’t exciting enough, we fill this cake with our whipped coconut cream then cover it in our coconut cream cheese frosting. No. That’s not enough coconut love. So, we coat this beauty in fine coconut on the sides and top it with some red coconut and shimmering hearts. Sweet, tangy, coconut-y and red. You’ll the taste of this new classic.

Mocha Red 

Chocolate and coffee are a classic combination. It is one that has and will stand the test of time. Starting with three layers of our house recipe red velvet cake that has the perfect kiss of cocoa that we amp up with a chocolate ganache frosting. We have not forgotten about the coffee that we introduce in the form of coffee liqueur filling with chocolate chips and cocoa nibs. The coffee flavor is wonderfully bright, bold, and intense against the cake but the bites of chips add extra chocolate kicks and texture to keep this dessert interesting and quite delicious. Smooth frosting will, of course, bring you home with a strong chocolate finish and mild coffee escape.

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