cooper & grace engagement party


This was fun. A 300-cupcake affair, Cooper & Grace’s Engagement Party, where bride and groom to be choose flavors to represent their upcoming marriage. Part of what made this so much fun, Pedestal was allowed to create the third flavor cupcake to represent their union. As pictured above, three cupcake designs are incorporated to communicate the purpose of the gathering as guests entered the dining room. A large beautiful antique wood table held all 300 cupcakes spelling out the phrase MR / MRS / TO BE as a nod to their upcoming nuptials.



From left to right, Cooper (MR) chose our Black Sheep Cupcake, a¬†beautiful chocolate cupcake filled with fig compote topped with goat cheese cream cheese, as his representation.¬† Grace (MRS) chose our Classic Red Velvet Cupcake as hers. This simple and classic pairing of our signature house version red velvet cake topped with our tangy cream cheese frosting is perfect. And, finally. The union (TO BE) is represented by Pedestal’s choice of our wonderful Tipsy Turvy! Cupcake made with a red wine chocolate cake topped with vanilla rum mascarpone frosting and drizzled with a hibiscus-yuzu sauce.

The Affair (Engagement Party)

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Cooper and Grace get engaged. Their love is so big that they invite friends and family to celebrate the occasion. They have an engagement party and, thankfully, Pedestal is invited to come, too.


Let’s choose a venue they said. Choose a venue they did. The Coco Plum woman’s Club is an absolutely wonderful place with classic style and ambiance. This venue was beautiful, of course, so was the couple. As you enter the facility, you are blown away with charm and beauty. The set up is stunning.


The table we are provided is gorgeous. It is the perfect pedestal to showcase our cupcakes. This engagement party will be an affair to remember. If you look closely, you’ll notice the edible candy hearts all over the cupcakes and table because this event was all about love.

Mr Mrs To Be Engagement Party

The Dessert

Black Sheep Cupcake (MR)

Chocolate and fig are a classic combination but, of course, we have to raise the bar by adding our tangy goat cheese cream cheese frosting. As the dark chocolate cake takes over your taste buds, the fig compote breaks through with a wonderful sweetness against the bitterness of the chocolate and then goat cheese mellows you out with its tangy and earthy flavors. This surprisingly delicious cupcake brings dark chocolate and fig together with tangy yet sweet goat cheese to prove that being the black sheep can be good. Well, good and tasty.

Classic Red Velvet Cupcake (MRS)

Our traditional offering of Red Velvet Cupcake is our homage to those that came before us. Of course, we start with our house recipe red velvet cake. Each bite has the perfect kiss of cocoa to tease your palette and set your taste buds on a wonderful journey through this buttermilk cake adventure. Keeping it classic, we whip up a batch of our tangy cream cheese frosting to top these red gems. Each bite is its own reward. Addiction kicks in after the third bite. You’ve been warned.

Tispy Turvy! Cupcake (TO BE)

Few things are as loved as red wine and chocolate. So, we paired them together to add a particular sweetness to the cocoa goodness of our spectacular cupcake. Warm earthy notes are suggested from the dark brown sugar and cinnamon we add but we push the envelope by exciting your taste buds with some rum-infused exotic Tahitian Vanilla mascarpone frosting. We don’t stop there because we want you to go crazy. So, we drizzle on some hibiscus-yuzu syrup at the end to make your head spin from how delicious this cupcake is and makes you feel…Tipsy Turvy!

Now, you know who to call for your engagement party.