smith baby boy

Talk about feeling proud. Our baby wasn’t being born but our babies were being given out as party favors at a baby shower. That’s right. One of our customer’s was helping a cousin plan a baby shower. Wouldn’t yo know that she came up with the idea of giving out our cupcakes as gifts to the shower guests. Always up to the challenge, we provided a celebration flavor trio for this event.


The Affair

So, 60 cupcakes later and we have Baby Boy-themed cupcake treats in three flavors, Classic Red Velvet, Champagne Cheer and Red Wine Chocolate Celebration Cupcakes. Imagine it. A party filled with your best friends and other guests. They are giving you some expensive and hopefully useful gifts to get your baby off to a prepared and loving start. You want to party but you can’t drink. So you serve some sweets and muchies but as you push thoseĀ  friends of yours out the door, you say, “Thank you and here’s your drink… in a cupcake.”


I wish I was a guest because I know these cupcakes were absolutely scrumptious!


The Dessert

Classic Red Velvet Cupcakes

Our traditional offering of Red Velvet Cupcake is our homage to those that came before us. Of course, we start with our house recipe red velvet cake. Each bite has the perfect kiss of cocoa to tease your palette and set your taste buds on a wonderful journey through this buttermilk cake adventure. Keeping it classic, we whip up a batch of our tangy cream cheese frosting to top these red gems. Each bite is its own reward. Addiction kicks in after the third bite. You’ve been warned.


Champagne Cheer Cupcakes

Champagne is synonymous with celebration and cheer. Our luscious cupcake version of a Champagne Cake is absolutely divine from the moist and tender champagne cake bursting with flavor to its velvety champagne custard filling that goes down like the smoothest bubbly you have ever consumed and, finally, to its delicate champagne custard-infused whipped frosting. Just thinking about it gets you a little dizzy. Cheers?


Red Wine Chocolate Celebration Cupcake

Raise a glass. Toast. Cheer. Red wine goes well with many things but here we’ve paired it with chocolate. It adds a particular sweetness to the cocoa goodness of our cupcake. This one is made with brown sugar and cinnamon for a special warm earthy flavor that always brings us home. So, forget the glass. Raise your plate. Cheer to the deliciousness at the end of your fork because we top this one with our exotic Tahitian Vanilla rum mascarpone frosting. This cupcake is about celebration, in case you forgot.