Booze cake

Booze Cake

Affectionately known as Booze Cake, our rendition of an Alabama Lane Cake is spectacular. Our own twisted version of this Southern classic is designed to rival the original. The filling is traditional with raisins, pecans and coconut suspended in bourbon custard but that is where tradition ends.

Booze Cake aka Pedestal Lane Cake   $50

This creation starts with four (4) layers of vanilla bean cake to amp up the flavor some. The fruit and nuts in the filling add texture for a more sophisticated profile while the cake provides depth to enhance the other flavors. And, finally, for every booze-filled bite you take, we finesse the finish with our own extra special Bourbon-infused Tahitian Vanilla Mascarpone Frosting. Like a nightcap at the end of a hard day, it smooths the edges and mellows you to that blissful final note, less sweet and less intense but creamy and thoroughly satisfying. Both complex and delicate at the same time, this cake is a little boozy but a lot of delicious.

It’s called Pedestal Lane Cake but our customers felt differently. The Southern classic cake, Alabama Lane Cake or just Lane Cake, is our inspiration in making this exquisite creation. First, the cake layers are upgraded to vanilla bean cake by using Madagascar Vanilla Beans and Mexican Vanilla for the most intense burst of vanilla in each bite.

Bourbon Custard Filling

Second, between each layer is a traditional bourbon custard filling. That’s where tradition ends – traditional not identical. For this custard, finer less stringy coconut is used for a more refined look and taste. Don’t worry every bite contains coconut, nuts and raisin as designed.

Mascarpone Frosting

And, finally, our Lane Cake frosting is more refined and delicate. Italian mascarpone cheese is whipped up extra smooth and creamy for something less sweet and more boozy. For phenomenal flavor, bourbon and floral Tahitian Vanilla are infused to elevate the flavor profile. This combination lets the bourbon shine and I guess that’s how it got its nickname, Booze Cake.

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