A menu of discount sweets… that’s right. We said it… discount sweets. Who doesn’t love discount sweets?

Occasionally, we get orders and cancellations that create extra products. We try to find every dessert a loving home. So, to avoid waste, we offer the extra products as remnants. It’s that simple.

Remnant items on the menu are available at 20% off regular product prices. If we know what you like, you might get a personal call or text. Otherwise, we send out a general email announcing our remnants of the day or you can look to this page for daily offerings.

Take a look at some of our past remnants…


Our cake menu contains our best selling cakes like Classic Red Velvet, Blue Coconut Bomb, Pedestal Hummingbird and Green Tea or any of our other delicious and creative options.


Scrumptious cupcakes fill our cupcake menu like our Classic Red Velvet, Lemon Lavender, Passion-ate Kisses, Butterscotch or our best selling Tipsy Turvy! and other craving worthy creations.

pies & tarts

Tasty pies like our own Pistachio Crush, Apple-eño, Mountain Blueberry with Grizzly Top, Chocolate Pretzel, or our inventive and absolutely delicious Bruised Blueberry will satisfy cravings you didn’t know you had.


cookies & bars

Standards like chocolate chip, oatmeal will keep you smiling but our Hush ‘dem Kids and Pub Crawler are to die for and on our cookie menu. We are never limited by standards.


Options for parties, events, and morning, lunchtime and late afternoon meetings. Give them a few cookies and bars to get them through.

custom sweets

Custom confections like our chocolate cupcake bread pudding and cake truffles titillate your taste buds and excite your senses. We are the best at combining and creating custom sweets.

blackboard specials

Creative desserts designed for your restaurant, bar, or cafe to accompany your menu, to represent your ambiance or uniqueness; something to fit your brand. Custom desserts for foodies like you and your customers. Pedestal is the best at innovating decadent and unique desserts to fit your taste and style.