pies & tarts

Pedestal Bruised Blueberry Pie

Tasty pies & tarts & cobblers are exciting treats because as a society, we all love crust. Pies with top and bottom crusts, tarts, typically, encased in crust, and cobblers with its top crust and dumplings. Debate aside, it’s all about the crust. Our goal is for you to think of us when you want to fill your pie hole.

Double Crust – Pie

Pies are basically fruit fillings between two crusts. Granted some pies are open-faced like our own Pistachio Crush and Chocolate Pretzel pies. While most have some sort of top crust. We will satisfy cravings you didn’t know you had with our variety. However, our Bruised Blueberry Pie will drive you insane with its biscuit base in a tart pan covered in pie filling. We may have said too much since that’s not technically a pie… 

Apple Jones – Pineapple – Chocolate – Sweet Potato – Pecan – Bourbon Pecan

Open Crust – Tart

Tarts are extra special treats whether sweet, savory or both that usually come with a fluted or open crust. Sometimes they cover the filling and other times they bare their soul. Around here, we just consider tarts as crusts with unique fillings. We want to feed you again and again. Our variety will both please and surprise you.

Top Crust – Cobbler

In order to avoid a debate, our cobblers are made only with a top crust. Before you get upset and feel cheated, we put crust dumplings in our cobblers to compensate. We are not making a statement, just a preference. Our peach cobbler will rival any peach cobbler you’ve had. we promise. We won’t exclaim it’s the best because we know it’s about what you’re used to. But we know ours is a damn great tasting dessert like our other cobblers.

Apple Bourbon Pecan – Peach – Peach Bourbon Pecan – Pineapple – Mango 

Bottom Crust – Quiche

Quiches are officially tarts and they are typically savory custard-based pastries serving as a meal or dessert. We have some gluten free and vegan options here. As we keep saying, we want to feed you again and again. Our variety will both please and surprise you.

pick a flavor – we’ll match it and raise you one better we have multiple sizes (not all flavors come in all sizes)