Bundt Cakes

Lemon Bundt

Bundt cakes are culinary wonders taking its cues from the Amish and farm communities across the nation. The flavor and tastes of cake yet a more sturdy structure and texture close to breads but every bit as exciting as any other cake. While most aren’t frosted in the traditional cake sense, they come with a wide variety of glazes and frostings. Pedestal makes bundt cakes in an a-Bundt-dance of flavors from our most popular Rum Bundt and Lemon Bundt to our riffs on Carrot Cake and Red Velvet. Some flavors are seasonal and some flavors require extra time to prepare because of how we handle fresh ingredients.

A-Bundt-dance of Flavors*

Daily Flavors: Coconut, Blueberry Lemon, Lavender Lemon, Pineapple Ginger, Red Velvet, Chocolate, Vanilla, Butter Rum, Dulce de Leche, Sweet Potato*, Lavender Lemon*, Pineapple Ginger*, Orange Cranberry*, Vanilla, Coconut Rum, Kentucky Bourbon Butter, Key Lime, Sweet Potato Butterscotch Chip*, CocoMango, Piña Colada, Rum Raisin, Orange Vanilla

Best Sellers: Rum Bundt, Butter Bundt, Lemon bundt, Banana Nut Bread^

Butter Bundt Lemon Bundt

Bundt Cakes

Bundt cakes are wondrous creations. Available in different shapes, sizes and an a-bundt-dance of flavors. While most of our flavors are available in bundt, there are some flavors that we only reveal through the mysteries of the bundt pan like:

Rum Bundt

*  seasonal flavor
^ must be ordered four days in advance

Bundts come in 5 sizes
2″: Bite-sized (1/3 cup)
3″: Mini (1 cup)
6″: Baby (6 cup)
8″-10″: Bundt (9-10 cup)
10″-12″: Grande (12-15 cup)

Sizes and Prices

Bundts (8″)
Serves 18-20
Just the Bundt: $33.00
Glazed or Frosted: +$3.00
Decorated: +$13.00

Baby Bundts (6″)
Serves 6-10
Just the Bundt: $20.00
Glazed or Frosted: +$1.50
Decorated: +$11.00

Mini Bundts (2″-3″)
Serves 1-2
Just the Bundt: $27 / per half dozen
Baby Box (dz): $48.00
Glazed or Frosted: +$5.00/dz
Decorated: +$10.00/dz

Biggie Bundts (12″)
Serves 20-28
Just the Bundt: $40.00
Glazed or Frosted: +$5.00
Decorated: +$15.00

Bittie Bundts (bite-sized)
Serves you / 2-4 bites
Just the Bundt: $24.00 / per dozen
Glazed or Frosted: +$7.00
Decorated: +$15.00

Bundts available in different shapes and sizes. Some shapes cost more. All shapes not available in all sizes. Inquire if you have a favorite. Not all flavors available in smaller sizes.

To Order Bundts & Loaves

Please send us your order by email – orders@pedestalcreativedessertco.com. Please indicate the size and flavor of the bundt or loaf you are ordering. Once we receive your order, we will contact you to confirm the order and arrange delivery or pick up. If you have questions, please call us at (786) 505-9915 and someone will be glad to help you.

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