Remnants Available Today 12/18/18

Holiday Edition Classic Red Velvet Cake

Lemony Love and ABO Red Velvet cakes need a home.

We have extra cake – today only. First come, first served. All remnants are 20% off regular price. Price discounted on invoice. Remnant Discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

6″ cakes serve 8-12
8″ cakes serve 15-20
1/2 sheet cakes serve 54-72

Lemony Love Cake 6″ (pictured above) – $28
Our version of a Triple Lemon cake has intensity that builds. You are first hit with the subtle and light lemon-kissed mascarpone frosting pulling in ever so gently. Next is the less subtle lemon buttermilk cake bursting with lemon flavor due to all the bright lemon zest. And, the final punch comes in the form of our bright and delicious lemon curd that fills this 4-layer cake. Luscious lemon at all levels fill this truly addictive dessert with three distinct punches of lemon to knock you out.

ABO Red Velvet Cake 6″ – $30
Only a few of our creations get classified as ABO or Anything But Ordinary. This best seller, our house version of Red Velvet Cake, is a crave worthy 4-layer creation. It starts with our house recipe Red Velvet, buttermilk cake with the perfect kiss of cocoa, and we make it extra special by moistening each layer with a coffee-liqueur to accentuate the wonderful edge of this dessert and amp up the excitement of each bite. Finally, we cover the whole thing with our signature Mascarpone Cream Cheese Frosting, an extra smooth, velvety, less sweet delight for a change from the ordinary. Your eyes will roll to the back of your head by the third bite. This is not yo’ momma’s Red Velvet Cake. No disrespect to momma. We are sure hers is very good but you might be sneaking out later to get some of ours.

Discount Sweets

Remnants are our discount sweets… that’s right. We said it… discount sweets.

Occasionally, we get orders for cupcakes, cakes and cookies where we bake more than we need. Sometimes we have cancellations that happen after items baked and create extra products. We try to find every dessert a loving home. So, to avoid waste, we offer the extra products as remnants. It’s that simple.

Remnants are available at 20% off regular product prices. If we know what you like, you might get a personal call or text. Otherwise, we send out a general email announcing our remnants of the day or you can look to this page for daily offerings. Pedestal prides itself on minimizing waste and this program allows us to handle it effectively at a benefit to our customers.

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