Looking for the best pies in Miami? You’ve found us. Pies like our own Pistachio Crush and Chocolate Pretzel will satisfy cravings you didn’t know you had. However, our Bruised Blueberry Pie will drive you insane with its biscuit base in a tart pan covered in pie filling. We may have said too much. Look out for our quiche menu coming soon.

pick a flavor – we’ll match it and raise you one better we have multiple sizes (not all flavors come in all sizes)

Pineapple Pie          9″ ($38) / 5″ ($38 – per 4)
The sun is shining and you can feel the heat. Someone put a slice of pie down in front of you. It’s not until you realize that it’s our Pineapple Pie that your curiosity gets the best of you. You notice the pineapple tidbits sitting atop our vanilla-infused whipped topping which brings you in. So you cut into it to find nice creamy fruit-filled pineapple custard filled into a cracker crust. However, it’s not until your first bite do you realize that isn’t any ordinary crust. It is so cinnamon forward and how wonderful that spice plays with the citrus notes of the pineapple. As if in disbelief, you rush to take a second bite only to confirm your suspicions. This pie was made with magic. Vanilla inherently boosts the flavor of pineapple emphasizing the tropical nature of such a wonderful fruit. That paired with the citrus notes bring the twang to this sweet and tangy dessert made explicitly for the pineapple heads out there… like you.

Chocolate Pie          9″ ($40) / 5″ ($38 – per 4)

Key Lime Crème Pie          9″ ($35) / 5″ ($36 – per 4)
We needed a way to break away from the pack on this one. While we start with the traditional key lime pie ingredients like fresh Key West key limes, sweetened evaporated milk, egg yolks, and a graham cracker crust like everybody else, that is where the similarity ends. If nothing else, we are consistent about being inconsistent because we whipped this one a bit longer than usual for a more creamy and frothy pie base. Our differences don’t stop there, of course, because we topped our pie with key lime mascarpone cream topping and key lime zest. You know we want to make sure that you know it’s key lime even though we’ve got creamy coming at you from both directions in our phenomenal take on this classic dessert. Don’t forget about our graham cracker crust which is super buttery because we know after that first tart bite, it has to be smooth going down.

Bruised Blueberry Pie       10″ ($38)

Bruised Blueberry Pie

Ever creative are we with our desserts like this beauty that we bake in a tart pan and call a pie. (insert any number of puns here) We start with dried blueberries that we macerate in vodka then fold into a buttermilk biscuit base filled with lemon zest and crusted with almonds to serve as our pseudo tart/pie crust. Thinking about that leftover vodka? Don’t worry. We add it to our zesty blueberry compote pie filling that we cook until the fresh blueberries burst, hence the bruised part, releasing their essence. Spread that decadent bruised blueberry sexiness over the lemon and dried blueberry biscuit in a tart pan and you have our totally un-traditional but absolutely tasty and delicious Bruised Blueberry Pie.

Apple Jones Pie          9″ ($35) / 5″ ($36 – per 4)
The most iconic American pie is the apple pie and, of course, we had to make one. We make only one promise. It will blow your apple-loving mind. Two to three types of apples for depth of flavor and textural interest. Let’s not forget our secret spice blend. Cinnamon and other warm spices make this one of our most special treats. We can’t tell you everything that’s in it or we’ll have to stop making it for you. (We don’t want to lose our edge – ask us privately.) Wink. Wink. Mouthwatering tartness and delicate sweetness take over your tastebuds as you take the first bite and you realize this is like grandma’s but not exactly. Don’t worry. We washed our feet before we made this one… this one.