bryant bridal shower

Pictured above are the Lemon-Blueberry Honeymoon Cupcakes. Pedestal was asked to provide two flavors to mix the way the future bride and groom would. the Bryant Bridal Shower was a celebration with our superb sweets shining a sweet light on a happy moment.

July 1, 2014 – Bryant Bridal Shower (A Cupcake Affair)

There were around 30 guests to this surprise bridal shower. Because of the couples ties to the Caribbean, we chose two flavors that played well together but also were strong enough to stand on their own.

Bryant Bridal Shower

The Affair

So, to symbolize the union (wink wink), we chose He Put The Lime In The Coconut Cupcakes. It served as the perfect compliment for the event. One cupcake to symbolizr their union and the other to symbolize their future. We will say they were a hit because it led to the Aquamina Wedding.

The rule is we use plain white cups for our catered events but in this case, they wanted something more festive. Blue polka dots for the Lemon-Blueberry cupcakes and green polka dots for the Lime-Coconut cupcakes.

The Desserts

He Put he Lime In The Coconut Cupcake (green cups)

Our delish coconut cupcake paired with our decadent coconut rum buttercream might sound like the perfect bite but once we fill it with some luscious and tangy lime curd then sprinkle it with some lime sugar, the excitement is on as each bite takes you on a sweet and tart adventure. We won’t have to remind you that he put the lime in the coconut because you going to eat it all up.

Lemon-Blueberry Honeymoon Cupcakes (blue cups)

Lemon is one of the most cherished flavors in baking. By taking our deliciously moist lemon cake, filling it with our blueberry compote (which has a little bit of vodka, shhh, don’t tell) and topping it with blueberry buttercream, we have created another reason for you to love lemon. It’s all about the taste sensation once we sprinkle it with lemon sugar and top it with a fresh blueberry. Take a bite. Let the honeymoon begin.