Coconut Swirl aka Coconut Cream Cheese Cake

Try one of our best-selling cakes like our Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, Hummingbird and Coconut Swirl (pictured above); or, maybe try one of our fantastic but unconventional flavors like our Blue Coconut Bomb, Blueberry Goat Cheese and any variety of our Green Tea cakes; or, any of our other delicious creations.

We have some of the most delicious and interesting cakes on the planet but right now we only deliver to Miami. Find something you like? This isn’t our entire list of cakes but merely suggestions where to start and something to think about. Don’t see something specific? Just ask.

Download our cake size chart to order something to fit your gathering. Soon you’ll be saying…

Here comes something good!

Cake Obsession

Prices: $30-$60 (8-inch) based on ingredients
All cakes are 8-inch round unless otherwise stated.
All cakes are 3 layers unless otherwise stated.

Most cakes available in 6-inch size. Ask!
Prices: range from $20-$40 based on ingredients

Build Your Own (Custom Cake) Creations:

Vanilla – Chocolate – Almond – Carrot – Lemon – Coconut

$30 (8-inch Round up to 3 layers)
$40 (8-inch round 4 layers / 8-inch square up to 3 layers / 9-inch Round up to 3 layers)
$50 (9-inch square 3 layers / 9-inch round 4 layers)

Chocolate Beer – Chocolate Fudge – Blue Coconut – Champagne – Red Velvet

$40 (8-inch round 3 layers)
$50 (8-inch round 4 layers / 8-inch square 3 layers / 9-inch Round 3 layers)
$60 (9-inch square 3 layers / 9-inch round 4 layers)

Fresh fruits like bananas, strawberries, raspberries and other berries can be added to custards or buttercream fillings
* Basic Cake flavors can be mixed
** Basic Buttercreams do not include alcohol- or fruit-infused flavors
*** Additional costs apply for premium fillings, additional layers and other sizes – contact us for a quote

No Charge
Basic Buttercream Frostings/Fillings*: Vanilla – Chocolate – Mocha – Lemon – Peanut Butter – Coffee – Pistachio – Pineapple – Coconut

$5 addt’l
Caramel / Nuts / Meringue / Cream Cheese Frostings / Special Buttercream Fillings: Cookies and Cream – Mimosa – Champagne – Hazelnut – Orange Curacao

$10 addt’l
Fresh Fruit / Ganaches / Mousses / Custards (Chocolate – Vanilla – Coconut- Lemon-etc) / Curds (Lemon – Orange – Passionfruit – Mango-etc) / Alcohol-infused Cakes / Mascarpone / Special Cream Cheese Fillings (Cookies & Cream – Mimosa – Champagne – Hazelnut)

$15 addt’l
Specialty Fresh Fruit / Mousses / Compotes / Raspberry Chambord

Bundts come in 4 sizes
1-cup: Bite/Baby $8-$15
6-cup: Mini  $20-$28
10-cup: Bundt $30-$40
12-cup: Grande $40-$60

Pedestal cake size and serving chart

Download our cake size chart to order something to fit your gathering.