Looking for the best pies in Miami? You’ve found us. Double crust pies like our own Apple-eño and Bleu Berry Basil will satisfy cravings you didn’t know you had. However, our Apple Jones Pie will drive you insane with its spice profile familiar but a little different. Mangos, peaaches… We may have said too much. Look out for our quiche and tart menu coming soon.

Pick a flavor – we’ll match it and raise you one better we have multiple sizes (not all flavors come in all sizes)

Bleu Berry Basil Pie          9″ ($38) / 5″ ($40 – per 4)
This is as untraditional as anything we have ever created. Fresh blueberries and basil – already mind blowing – but add in some bleu cheese and wow. Breaking the rules is clearly how we play this game. Bleu cheese crumbles add a wonderful tanginess that is unexpected but totally welcome. The salty bursts accentuate the sweetness and meatiness of the fresh plump blueberries while helping to carry the grassy notes of the basil. Each bite is filled with robust sweetness that comes only comes from this unique combination of tasty ingredients.

Pedestal Mango Peachango Pie

Mango Peachango Pie         
9″ ($38) / 5″ ($40 – per 4)
Old South meets New Miami in this wonderful mash up of an old Southern standard like peach pie that came to Miami and fell in love with a Mango. Whoa! Back up you might say. Too late. We are moving forward with this unconventional lovefest we’ve made that tastes just like Miami with a hint of the old and familiar. Southern peaches with butter and cinnamon rubbing up against some fresh Caribbean mango. A little tartness that mango brings to the table with bursts of supple sweetness brought to the party by the peaches make perfect sense when you taste how the two dance with each bite. Start with a base of sliced mango and add in some peaches to elevate the experience and some heart to make it taste extra special. Now you can back up and get another slice.

Apple-eño Pie          9″ ($36) / 5″ ($38 – per 4)
Apple pie is as American… wait that’s backwards. Nothing is more American than Apple Pie. So apples are as american as all get out. Right behind them are jalapeño. Ha! Well when we do it up, they make a perfect pair. Sweet, tart and spicy in every bite along with a nice warm cinnamon filling. Buttery crust holds all that flavor in releasing swirls of yum in yo mouth like apple in yo jalapeño. Ooooh! We may have started a new revolution. Okay maybe not a revolution but definitely a new American tradition.

Apple Jones Pie          9″ ($35) / 5″ ($36 – per 4)
The most iconic American pie is the apple pie and, of course, we had to make one. We make only one promise. It will blow your apple-loving mind. Two to three types of apples for depth of flavor and textural interest – depends on what’s in season. Let’s not forget our secret spice blend. Cinnamon and other warm spices make this one of our most special treats. We can’t tell you everything that’s in it or we’ll have to stop making it for you. (We don’t want to lose our edge – ask us privately.) Wink. Wink. Mouthwatering tartness and delicate sweetness take over your tastebuds as you take the first bite and you realize this is like grandma’s but not exactly. Don’t worry. We washed our feet before we made this one… this one.