Spice It Up! Miami 2018

Spice it Up! Miami is a fun and interactive event that captures all your senses as you discover, dine and dance. Enjoy the backdrop of the ART BEAT MIAMI art gallery featuring art from local and national artists as well as celebrities as you learn to create appetizing bites, mix tropical drinks; whine your waist to salsa, compas, reggae, calypso and more.

Spice It Up! Miami 2018
Spice It Up! Miami 2018 / ART BEAT MIAMI (Art Basel Event)

December 7, 2018
Spice It Up! Miami | ART BEAT MIAMI – Art Basel Edition
Caribbean Marketplace
5925 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL  33137


5th Annual Spice it Up! Miami ART BEAT MIAMI/Art Basel edition featuring: Nadege Fleurimond, Chef The Rose of The Kitchen @ Cubaocho, award winning mixologist Mixou Michou, Daniel Pinks, Pastry Chef/owner of Pedestal Creative Dessert Co., Herradure Tequilla, Musical performance by BIC and more.

It’s not an event, it’s an experience featuring appetizing bites, spirits, music & dance.

Spice It Up! Miami Experience

Learn to mix Caribbean & Latin drinks, create appetizing bites and once you are done enjoying your self-made cuisine, it’s now time to dance off the calories. Learn new and hip dance moves of meringue, salsa, compas, calypso; whine your waist to reggae and more with one of our Celebrity Chefs and your Dine-mates.

Take Spice it Up! products home from the Spice Gift Shop showcasing spices, seasonings, aprons, cookbooks, and artistic kitchen essentials. Enjoy the art and wood work in the Caribbean Marketplace as you discover this cultural destination.

Spice it Up! Miami is a fun and interactive great date night, social mixer, tourist attraction, group event and more.

Food is Art! featuring hot Caribbean-based celebrity chefs, mixologists and live musical performances.

The Cupcakes / Pedestal on Display

We provided 5 Caribbean-inspired flavors for the event with one for each letter in SPICE and introduced 1 new flavor created for the event.

S – Tipsy Turvy! Cupcake
(Caribbean Inspiration: Sorrel/Hibiscus/Flor de Jamaica)
Few things are as loved as red wine and chocolate. So, we paired them together to add a particular sweetness to the cocoa goodness of our spectacular cupcake. Warm earthy notes are suggested from the dark brown sugar and cinnamon we add but we push the envelope by exciting your taste buds with some rum-infused exotic Tahitian Vanilla mascarpone frosting. We don’t stop there because we want you to go crazy. So, we drizzle on some hibiscus-yuzu syrup at the end to make your head spin from how delicious this cupcake is and makes you feel…Tipsy Turvy!

P – Passion-ate Kiss Cupcake 
(Caribbean Inspiration: Passionfruit/Maracuyá )
This playful creation is exceptional with its exotic flare and taste. Starting with our scrumptious vanilla sour cream cake filled with tangy and sweet passionfruit curd. Then cakes are covered in our wonderfully floral Tahitian Vanilla Meringue Buttercream infused or kissed, if you will, with our passionfruit curd for the most delicate pop of flavor and topped with passionfruit curd to complete a floral design. Each bite is like having a sweet kiss stolen by your sweetheart when you pucker for the tangy passionfruit. Unexpected but totally welcomed.

I – Da Rum Punch Cupcake 
(Caribbean Inspiration: Island Rum Punch)
One of our stronger creations, these paperless cupcakes are soaked in rum to punch and kick up the bacchanal flavors of the Caribbean. Rambunctious and bodacious fruit flavors like mango, coconut, passionfruit, pineapple, and lime will take you to nether shores you won’t want to leave once you get hit by the sorrel and rum buttercream frosting. Sitting on the beach somewhere in the Caribbean sipping on a rum punch? I think not but a few of these cupcakes later and you will be. Even if only in your own mind.

C – CocoMango! Cupcake 
(Caribbean Inspiration: Coconut/Coco)
With pride in the exotic and exciting, this splendid creation starts with our coconut coconut cake – rich, fluffy and full of coconut – filled with sweet, tangy and vibrant mango curd for an out of body experience. Top that with a tropical mango-infused buttercream frosting and toasted coconut flakes. It doesn’t get more tropical than this. Three layers of coconut bursting with mango – a taste that takes you away on the best Caribbean vacation you never took.

E – He Put De Lime In De Coconut Cupcake 
(Caribbean Inspiration: Name Says It All)
Our delish coconut cupcake paired with our decadent coconut rum buttercream might sound like the perfect bite on its own but once we fill it with some luscious and tangy lime curd, you go to the next level. We don’t stop there because we cover it in flakes coconut for that familiar texture you love then sprinkle it with some lime sugar. The excitement builds as each bite takes you on a sweet and tart adventure. We won’t have to remind you that he put the lime in the coconut because you going to eat it all up.

Spice It Up! Miami Cupcake aka Piña Picante
(Caribbean Inspiration: Scotch Bonnet)
Most of the Caribbean loves a lotta spice and a little heat like Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Belize, Guyana and so many others. This special Spice It Up! Miami cupcake creation puts the scotch bonnet in the dessert… in the pineapple to be precise. Wonderful, sweet, juicy, succulent pineapple cream cheese frosting with a little pepper kick sits atop this surprisingly delicious and mildly spicy pineapple and pepper cupcake. A hint of mace and cloves will bring the warmth and spice of the Caribbean while the scotch bonnet brings the heat. Forget about the hair of that dog. You’ll wonder about the pepper of the pineapple that bit you. Now, you can smile.

The Crowd and Fun

Spice It Up! Miami 2018 The Crowd

Visit https://www.spiceitupmiami.com/photos-videos for more pics and vids from the evenings festivities.

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