Our Brand

Our brand stands for scratch-made items, made to order in small batches from the freshest ingredients. Pedestal Creative Dessert Co. (just Pedestal around here) is an interesting and unique bakery launched by specialty cake enthusiast, Daniel Pinks. We consider ourselves a twisted bakery that makes some of the most unique and interesting delicacies. From re-imagined classics to brand new cult favorites, we create with the expressed intention of satisfying your sweet tooth.

Our Team

Our team is a diverse group of individuals representative of our beautiful city. Regardless of function, baker, clerk, delivery driver or decorator, we are all passionate and love the work we do. Seeing happy customers is a gift that brings us joy in our daily lives.  We are individuals who seek to enrich our customers’ experience by delivering genuine concern and interest. Our strength lies in our ability to connect with our customers and to create a sense of community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the primary purveyor of fine baked goods in every market in which we operate by providing exquisite dessert creations made from the freshest ingredients with the goal of pleasing every customer.

At Pedestal, we strive to elevate the dessert and sweets game overall so that our products are remembered for their unique flavor combinations, wonderful imaginative creativity, exquisite tastes and overall enjoyment while providing the most incredible customer service a company can offer!

Pedestal Lane Cake

Our motto…


Every creation is worthy of a pedestal.



Our Taste

Come in and explore. Taste. Enjoy.

Check out our remnant items on sale daily.

Beet You Silly Until You See Stars

Pedestal Hummingbird

Tipsy Turvy

Red Velvet Holiday






Taste of home – Try some of our classic cakes like Red Velvet, Hummingbird, Carrot and Coconut Swirl, our version of Coconut Cream Cheese. Need we say more.

Taste of love – Enjoy our unique and interesting creations that inspire sharing moments. Maybe our Booze Cake, a riff on the classic Lane Cake, will make you rethink the after work drink. Our Blue Coconut Bomb Cake, our recreation of a favorite childhood treat, amps up the coconut flavor and love. Our ever so original Beet You Silly (until you see stars) Cake will have you thinking about candied starfruit. Don’t forget about our Tipsy Turvy! Cupcake. This one is made with red wine chocolate cake topped with Tahitian Vanilla-flavored Rum mascarpone frosting then drizzled with hibiscus-yuzu sauce.

Taste of Pedestal – We take pride in twisting things up with our own versions and pairings of classic desserts. Our Pedestal Hummingbird Cake with its orange pecan cream cheese frosting is a crowd-pleaser. How about our best selling ABO Carrot Cake with its brown butter cream cheese frosting? Yeah it’s that good.

Pedestal Dessertd delivery – when you see our brown boxes, you too will say…

Here comes something good.