Carrot cake is another of our best sellers. While our ABO Carrot Cakes seems to get most of the attention, the classic is still a crowd pleaser. Most people buy carrot cake in the fall and winter but it’s always summer around here. Even with its fall flavors, people in the South will enjoy a slice whenever they can. Don’t worry. We’ve got several variations to keep you eating our carrot cake all year long. Hmmm! We’ll be waiting for your next order.

Try our special variations of this classic cake. We promise. We have a dessert that fits every tastebud.

Classic Carrot Cake ($40) with cream cheese frosting

ABO Carrot Cake ($45) with brown butter cream cheese frosting

Hawaiian Parrot Cake ($50) with pineapple and coconut cream cheese frosting

Toasted Parrot Cake ($55) with roasted pineapple and coconut rum cream cheese frosting

Pedestal Carrot Cake ($45) with raspberries and pink raspberry buttercream cheese frosting

Red Rabbit ($50) with brown sugar cream cheese frosting

White Rabbit ($50) with white chocolate buttercream frosting

Spring Bunny ($55) aka Carrot Cake Decadence with lemon mascarpone frosting

Pink Peppercorn Carrot Cake ($55) (available vegan – $75) with pink peppercorn cream cheese frosting